Kleen Kanteen Bottle Kozy

Here’s a free pattern for a Klean Kanteen Bottle Kozy.

Use size 7 double pointed needles or whatever size is needed for the correct gauge.

Cast on 40 sts using a stretchy cast on.

K1 P1 for 4 rows K2 YO P2tog for optional eyelet row

K1 P1 for 4 rows

K all rounds for 6 inches

K1 P1 for 8 rows

Bind off

Make an I cord or yarn braid to run through eyelet row and cinch top of the Kozy


I know I haven’t blogged in months, but I’m not going to go through the whole “This is my giant return to blogging” routine because it’s probably not.  I just had to get this out.

Today is my 4th anniversary.  We got phone calls from family members, cards, and we even got our “Congrats you’re approved” letter from our agency in the mail today.  So why am I in a pissy mood?  Because my husband is too busy to celebrate our anniversary with me.  Keep in mind that it’s rare that we’re even together for our anniversary.  Usually Chris is out to sea and I get a pre-scheduled bouquet of flowers delivered.  Sadly, that makes for a better anniversary than being completely ignored.  Tonight, he’s playing World of Warcraft.  Just like every other night, and every day, and every waking fucking minute that he’s not at work or asleep.  He SCHEDULED a raid for our anniversary and when I asked him if he *really* had to do it, his response was “Well, what else are we going to do?”  Now we’re not even speaking.  Well, that’s just friggin peachy.

I feel like shit, and I’m sick of coming in second to a goddamn machine.  I can’t wait to see what happens when we have kids.  Maybe I should include that gem in our adoption profile.

Fuck.  😥

It’s that time again

I had a whole post about Mother’s Day and what it means to me this year that I’m finally on the road to becoming a mom.  I scrapped it because it made me cry, but also gag at the same time. 

Really I just want to give all the love in the world to all of my sisters who are still in the trenches of infertility.  Peace strength and love ladies.


Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Our social worker is giving us sketchy info.  She’s telling me the procedures they follow, and she’s either mistaken, or the agency’s procedures are illegal.

This is the only agency in the country that we have found that we can afford.


That I am a sucky blogger.

Everytime I start to make a blog I end up editing it out of existance.  It’s weird that I have nothing to say on the computer because in real life I don’t shut up.  I don’t know what the disconnect is, but I’m working on it.

In the mean time I’ve joined Twitter.  So far I’m following 2 people, which is really pathetic and making me feel like a stalker.   So if you have a Twitter, please add me so I can add you.  🙂

So it’s no secret that I hated living in Georgia.  It was hot and slow and boring and there was nothing for me to do.  All of my friends were moms and had their kiddos to keep them busy all day.  It’s one thing to be a stay at home mom.  It’s something else to be unemployed and spend your whole day with a dog.  Oh I probably could have gotten a job.  At W*lMart.  No thanks.

So now I’m in CT.  I’m near my family and there’s things to do and the weather (albeit getting a little cold) has been nice.  And I found myself sitting around the house staining furniture and picking our paint colors and feeling the same bored feeling.

So I took a class.  Ok, it was a 4 day class so it’s not like I went back to college or anything, but it was something.  I am now a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  I kid you not, that’s the real name.  I LOVED it.  I loved being out of the house and learning and talking to people and helping children.  I ate the whole class up.  I’m pretty sure everyone else in the class thought I was such a dork because I was so into it.  I was the valedictorian and I got a prize and it was totally embrassing but I still loved it.  And now I get to volunteer on Thursday for my first car seat check as a bonafide tech.  I am so excited and to be back in the real world.  I’m even perusing the classifieds for a real grown up paid job and I’m sending out resumes tomorrow.  😀

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone.  I had some nice costume plans for this year but Halloween snuck up on me so I’m going to be “Lady with Candy”.  But Fenway is dressed up and she wanted to say Happy Halloween too.  🙂